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We will strive to provide an environment which stresses both personal and product integrity. Our emphasis will be on the relationships that we build with people we work with and those we serve. These relationships, along with the quality of our products and services, enable us to take pride in responsibilities as Rainbo Oil Company Employees.


Rainbo Oil Company is a vibrant family owned company founded in 1923 by a group of local investors. At the age of 30, Bernard Fahey started his 45-year career as General Manager and later as President of the company. During his career, he distinguished Rainbo Oil Company in many ways. At one time, Rainbo had seven service stations, the most in Dubuque. He built the first drive-through car wash in Dubuque on Dodge Street, the first self-service car wash on 20th Street, and the first convenience store in Dubuque in 1970.

Paul Fahey came to work with his dad when he was ten years old. The two of them worked and learned together until his father’s death in 1985. It was then, at age 30, that Paul took over as company President. Left with quite a responsibility at a young age, Paul decided that the best way to find success was through the help of his employees.  He assembled a management team and together they grappled with the challenges of the company and helped to form the operating philosophy that runs the company today.


It was in 1986 when Rainbo’s office and warehouse were forced to relocate to the current address of 2255 Kerper Boulevard due to a state highway project.

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